Mass disruption: "what are simplest and cheapest hosting options"


It just answered. No dithering, no equivocation, just … answered.

If you know anything about the hosting industry, keyword bidding on google, and the intense competition, you’ll know how absolutely mindboggling crazy this is.

I can only imagine there are 1000s of other industries much like the hosting industry that are going to completely freakout once they realize what GPT4 is doing.

I looked at the product mentioned above, and I thought it was pretty good. Good enough that I’m happy to try out the free offering and see how it goes.

There is the cutoff date of course, but for me that’s OK because it’s nice to know the biz is somewhat established, but yes, ideally they’ll address that cutoff date in future iterations of GPT.

How will this resolve, do you think? Will OpenAI make GPT stop answering this question? Will they sell keywords like google? Push GPT to be less opinionated (and therefore less helpful)? What are the implications if GPT gets something wrong about the product/biz? IANAL.