Marking a thread as favorite

Hi Guys!
I use chatGPT almost daily, and alot. This has been by far the best creation I have even seen in the world of technology. Congratulation!

I provide quite vast range of services like development, seo, marketing, research etc.

One thing I think really is missing is the ability to mark some of the chat threads as favorites.

There are chat threads which I wouldn’t want to delete but don’t use daily. Maybe once or twice a week depending upon the plan of work for a particular day/week. They are not very active but their corresponding model training is important. But then there are many new chat threads that I open and are needed only once or twice or even get deleted in the same day.

Now, when I need to access such threads which are important and I would like to keep for a long run, I have to scroll through the list of threads to find the one I am looking for. It’s getting a bit of hassle given my line of work

It would be great if the ability to mark a chat thread favorite can be added. Maybe another section in the sidebar. So the most important chats will stay there. Will help alot in organizing the work and research. Even better, if we could do the categorization right there. Something like

  • Project 1
    – All chat threads for that project

  • Project 2
    – All chat threads for that project

Hope you will like this idea


I’m in a similar spot and would love to be able to organize my chats by “favorite” or “pin” the key chats.

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It is a headache to scroll all threads history to get the thread I want.
Although there are alternative ways like pinning the thread as the browser bookmark, I still prefer to have a more convenient native interface to get threads (favorite, semantic search, personal dalle-3 gallery, etc.)

I think those features are also a sort of good interface for openai to get the human golden label.

I believe that implementation will help both us and the backend engine be stronger.