Manually combining JSON index files

I have a bunch of index.json files that I wish to combine to product one index.json file containing all the context information. Is there an approved way to do this?
All advise welcome, and THANK YOU

Typically, a pre-process is performed in script like this.

WOW – thank you Bill, do you happen to have that same example in Python?


def merge_JsonFiles(filename):
    result = list()
    for f1 in filename:
        with open(f1, 'r') as infile:

    with open('counseling3.json', 'w') as output_file:
        json.dump(result, output_file)


Why thank you again Sir. I feel like a total idiot as for some reason I thought there would be some special way of doing this for OpenAI. I have learned something!

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Well, there may be. Did you try this prompt?

Given the multiple JSON files included in the JSON context, merge them
into one file before doing (x).

JSON Context:
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