Managing conversations - suggestion

I have a ChatGPT Plus account and wanted to share a suggestion.

I mainly use ChatGPT for research, ideation and inspiration. I tend to work on multiple projects and ideas, each requiring different conversations.

Whilst I routinely delete the conversations that I no longer need to reference, there are times when I’m still working on something and need to keep some conversations for the duration of a project. Whilst I don’t anticipate needing to ‘store’ the conversations for lengthy periods of time, I do need to be able to refer back until I’ve completed a task or project.

In the user interface, the list of conversations on the left hand side can sometimes be difficult to determine which one I need to revisit because the label is determined by ChatGPT. The short description isn’t always exactly how I would label it. And when there is a list of conversations, I find myself scrolling back and forth through each one reviewing the conversation to find the one I need to reference.

It would be great if there was some functionality here to do a few things:

  1. Be able to manually change the conversation label/title
  2. Group conversations into ‘folder’ or theme
  3. Ability to export a conversation as a .DOC or .PDF so that I can keep a conversation locally on my computer, should I need to refer back to it at some point.

By being able to personalise and group the conversations, it would enable faster referencing when I need to go back and look at conversation content when working on different projects. And being able to export a conversation helps with my project working documentation and enables me to clear my conversation list once I no longer need to keep it in the ChatGPT interface.

These could be especially useful features for Plus users, and provides another benefit for signing up to the paid plan.

Hope this is useful.
Thank you!


Hi Simon.

I am using ChatGPT in a very similar manner.
Some of my many projects can last for month before coming to an end, so I very interested in supporting any feature requests that involves easier management of multiple conversations.
My first thought was that it would be very useful to have some kind of grouping possibilities or the ability to tag related conversations.
Somebody also asked for a a way for ChatGPT to reference other conversations which would be extremely useful in some use cases. Maybe a way to reference conversation with the same tag/within the same folder?

So my feature request would be this:
- Ability to group conversation (in sidebar)
- Ability to reference grouped conversations

As for your request to edit the title, that is already possible. When you click on the title in the sidebar, you get a pen icon or trashcan icon. Click on the pen and you can edit the title.

Hey, thanks for your reply. And apologies for my very slow reply! I don’t know why I didn’t figure that out - but I can now see how that is possible. Thank you for pointing this out.

I love your idea about the ability to reference grouped conversations. This would be particularly useful when trying to work through projects where you don’t want to lose the context or solutions in different conversations.