Making a Horizontal Jupyter Notebook for Prompt Engineering

Hey everyone,

I’m an AI engineer from Korea and a big fan of prompt engineering. I’ve been toying with an idea alongside a few developer friends that could make our lives a bit easier: transitioning Jupyter Notebooks to a horizontal layout for our prompting work.

We all know the drill on platforms like Colab—scrolling through cell after cell vertically. It’s fine, but when you’re juggling multiple prompts, it becomes a bit of a headache. We’re thinking, what if you could have your cells laid out horizontally instead? Side-by-side comparisons, easier navigation, less scrolling.

Before we dive deeper into making this a reality, we wanted to get your take:

  • Would a horizontal layout make your prompting work easier?
  • Any specific features you’d love to see in this setup?

We’re really keen to see if there’s enough interest in the community for this kind of tool. So, let us know your thoughts, suggestions, or any concerns you might have.

Why This Matters? While there are plenty of SaaS platforms designed for prompt experiments, they often lack the flexibility and familiarity that Jupyter Notebooks offer, especially for those of us deeply embedded in data science and AI research. A horizontal layout could marry the best of both worlds: the versatility of Jupyter Notebooks with the user-friendly interface of modern SaaS platforms, providing a tailored environment for prompt engineering that supports better visualization, organization, and efficiency in our workflows.

Thanks for helping us shape this idea!

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


That is a great idea!

I think a combination of Horizontal with Vertical would be great, where you could put side to side similar prompts but still keep the vertical structure.

Good luck with your project :slight_smile: