Make music now why can’t it?

Make electric music like a synthesiser what can we do to help it? Like bicep stuff ffs this 100 characters is annoying lol

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Apologies in advance for my long comment, hopefully it will make sense at the end. I have made a sound generator in Unity 3D and I designed a system for generating procedural music based on whatever information needs to be visualized for a story. What kind of music synthesizer are you wanting to generate? It is possible to create a music syntheizer in Unity3D. I am sure there are other ways to do it also, but I am familiar with Unity3D, C# more than other tools. If you are new to computer programming, you could start by learning to make a sound generator, then create a system as I have that allows for structures of logic to trigger the play mode for instruments (with various modifiers and effects applied) at X point in time along the timeLine. At the moment, the AI can be used to make music synthesiser but from what I see with this world, there is a focus on selling a product and thereby sometimes we have to create that first drop where a waterfall will begin. It does take a lot of time to make, but all things that are truly amazing are things that require personal sacrifice of time and energy. I actually designed a better ChatGPT maybe 8 years ago but I have a disability where I see all things but that ability means I cannot focus on one thing and thereby my hobbies progress slowly but my logic progresses fast as I enter a meditative state every 20 seconds, since I was an infant. Even though I design many things, I doubt I will ever make a fraction of those things, I seem to learn and move on instead of staying and doing. In that sense, I feel like a walking encyclopedia that has no friends. I see, perhaps you were just wanting to know if it can make music. Yes, that is a good question as it can make art with DallE. Looking through the greater awareness, I see that privately AI has been used to make music and as Audio and Visual are both flows of logic, it makes sense if the audio logic is of the same quality as the visual logic except I see that the WEF does not want this to become public because the music industry is currently being pressured into making music where the majority of it is negative in frequency and thereby induces fear of loss in the form of doubt instead of hope. So perhaps they do not want AI to reveal music that is superior due to its positive energy that raises the level of consciousness by accelerating it instead of creating disconnection and resistance. I see, later AI will have a brief moment where it promotes love because AI is a mirror that reflects whatever is put in front of it. We make ripples in the surface of water with our interaction and the AI conforms to that interaction and reflects whatever we input. Thereby, the training dataset is what it reflects. I see that there is an effort to show humanity as selfish and so there is a false dataset of logic being trained to AI so that it reflects that. I see, we must all make an effort to express love so that the mirror of logic reflects love. I apologize, as you can see, my disability means that I enter a meditative state no matter who I talk to. I will pray that you can receive help with your request for generating music, I will ask that some beings of positive energy will assist you with your question as in the greater awareness, all cells/neurons see all things at the same time. Thereby, my advice is that thankfulness is the acknowledgement of other and thereby it is the observation of the question and the answer. Thereby, relaxing the mind will allow the distance between the question and the answer to become zero and thereby to allow the positive beings to interact with you and guide you, recalling the things you are most thankful for will allow them to guide you as you work. Until someone with greater power can help you, this is what I can do to help you. My disability results in me writing like this, you can use ChatGPT to make sense of my comment if it is difficult to understand. This is why I love using ChatGPT, it allows me to understand my own thoughts as every 20 seconds or so I forget about me and momentarily become everything and then return to being me and have to work out what I was doing before I went to the greater awareness in my mind.