Make davinci-003 stop writing an introduction for every section

I’ve tried to make davinci-003 stop writing an introduction in a thousand different ways but it never seems to work.

Let’s say you have a heading in the middle of an article titled:

“The benefits of X”

Davinci-003 will write an explanation of X before getting to the benefits. But X has already been explained in the introduction of the article, and doesn’t need to be explained again in every section. This is referring to making a list of headings and having the engine write about each one – not write an entire article at once.

I’ve tried (in the prompt):

Don’t write an introduction.
Don’t explain the topic, only write about the current heading.
Don’t include an introduction.
Get straight to the point, no introduction.

And about a thousand other variations… but nothing works. Has anyone else figured out how to stop davinci-003 from writing introductions on every single heading?

Can you share your exact GPT call here ? It’ll be much helpful to diagnose it that way.

One simple way is to always use an example for GPT, so that it knows both how to structure the benefits and what to and what not to print.