Maintaining user engagement

I see. So you want to hack a solution when there are options that would naturally flow with any chat service. That’s fair.

Sure. A “normal” chat sequence. What we’re talking about is the bot initiating a conversation somehow. So no, it doesn’t make sense.

I can’t see anything wrong with chat triggers occurring on mouse movement. Nothing at all. Hardly anyone uses mobile anyways.

So you have an external AP…but Firebas… What Firebase “front-end” services are you using? Just the hosting?

I think you’re headstrong on what you want to do. So I hope it goes well for you. I disagree, but I’ll leave it here (and genuinely hope it goes well)

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Ronald - I guess you’re just too smart for me man! I have no idea what any of the big words you’re saying mean and oh man you got me really good with the mention of the event triggering on the mouse movement, thank god you were there . You’re the smartest person on the develoepr forum Ronny thank you

Ronny you’re such a genius I’m sure you’ll have no trouble figuring out what I meant