Low performance of ChatGPT 4

I have been using Chat GPT 3.5 for several months; however, when it was recently updated to Chat GPT 4 (Premium), I got excited and paid for this service. Nevertheless, I must mention the following: Chat GPT 4 is slower than Chat GPT 3.5. On the other hand, I would appreciate it if someone from this forum could explain that Chat GPT 3.5 can handle more information analysis than Chat GPT 4. When I input the same information, it tells me it is too extensive, while Chat GPT 3.5 processes it for me, in a few seconds. I have continued to pay for Chat GPT 4, but I am left with these doubts. I would appreciate it if someone could explain why the Premium version is so slowed down when it should be faster. Regards,

Hi there @idiaz007!
I’m premium costumer since the first day I could subscribe.
Yes it is much slower than the 3.5 and that won’t change possibly as the 4 is much “smarter”, less halutination and more “logic” is there. I’m using it dayli for programming and the difference between two is huge.
Not sure the lenght of content it can handle by one input, but for sure it can “remember” much longer the conversation.
So if you say something in your first input it will remember for much longer that message than gpt3.5.
Not to mention the GPT’s, the Visual recognition, the Img generation, the file inputs.

So far I earned enough money with gpt4 that will be cover the subscription for my whole life :slight_smile:

Hi there, dmisi98. Thank you for your attentive and prompt response, which is very useful. On another note, when will the GPT Turbo chat be available?
Thanks and regards.

Good question.
I recommend reading the DevDays and this Models Documents for more information