Lost original email address and log in "you tried signing in as"

My hard drive died last month, and I had to make a new email address. I made a new account, tried to use my phone to authenticate, and it gives me an error. I’ve basically just given up on trying to use chat gpt, but I wanted to ask … What can I do. Why does everything involving accounts have to be such a head ache? I guess it thinks I’m trying to have two accounts, or to do some kind of scam, I just want to use chat gpt. What can I do

I too was extremely frustrated by an issue similar to this. I was not able to login my ChatGPT account using Google but but finally I found a guy on youtube explaining the right solution and now I got logged into my ChatGPT account easily.
Hope it works for all of the people (but not sure for specifically you). Here it is: ChatGPT: “You Tried Signing in As via Google, which is not the authentication method…” Fix Login - YouTube