Lost access to google account which is used to authorisation to ChatGPT4

I’ve created fresh Google account to use for ChatGPT 4 subscription to share with my team in case somebody else need to use it also. We are in the same context so it’s not an issue.
I know tool is worth it so bought subscription for year right away.
2 days after my Google account was blocked, by the reason I am a robot…
On Google side only robots replying and I don’t have any luck with them. I’ve thought to try “forgot password” path to get an email for recovery, but Google blocked email inbox immediately.

I’ve wrote the the OpenAI support and to my luck got reply but options they are offering both rely on blocked Google account email, so no luck again.

It’s frustrated that I’ve basically lost 200$

Open AI support team please help me to use my subscription
I have and send to the support all the proofs that I am an owner

  • bank transaction ID for subscription
  • emails from Open AI after registration
  • email account naming

Please help!