Loss of conversation when switching models back to 4 as plus user

Hello all, Around two days in Chat Gpt 4 of learning and then I had to switch to default if I wanted to continue, which was fine, but then I edited a response as suggested to get back to 4 in the same conversation and it wiped about a full days worth of conversation and planning. Very disappointed and i’m not sure if it is retrievable? Perhaps this is a learning experience for me, but what is strange to me is the plugins continued to work when I was prompted to switch to the default. Admittedly, I am not an expert and perhaps my approach is wrong in even trying to swap models like that? However is there any way to retrieve the info? Also I cannot seem to get the model to go cak to 4 in the conversation no matter what I do, even after editing a 4 repsonse which is what wiped everything. So it wiped it all and still didnt switch me back to 4? Any tips or workflow suggesions? Thanks