Lose query when log in – Remember Me option feasible?

ChatGPT suggested I post to this community when I submitted the following query:

I feel like I’ve discovered an unfortunate disadvantage of being a paid ChatGPT subscriber. Namely, I’m not automatically logged in when I go to the ChatGPT site. If I’m in the middle of a query and it prompts me to log in, I lose the query if I log in. Is there some way I can stay logged in without having to log in again every time I use ChatGPT?

A working “Remember Me” option would resolve this problem. Since so many websites feature the option, isn’t it feasible that ChatGPT could also? The bot suggested that if there were positive reactions to this proposal here it would stand a better chance of being implemented, so I hope anyone agreeing that this would be a welcome and useful improvement will say so. Thanks.

This seems to be a bug with your setup, do you have the cache disabled? It is set up so that you should stay logged in.

Thanks. I don’t think I have the cache disabled. At least I’m sure I didn’t disable it consciously, since I wouldn’t know how to do that. I’ve been feeling frustrated with trying to be able to manipulate cookies and caches individually in Mac Brave Browser, which I’m told should be possible only I don’t seem to be able to do it using the directions I’ve been able to find. I’m not anxious to clear all my cookies and caches, though I may wind up doing that and experiencing the consequences.

[This is odd and kind of funny. After posting the above I received a tip that I should check the reply options afforded by the three dots. So I did that and my message was deleted. I brought it back from the edit history after deleting the and tags.]

It’s not making me log back in now. I don’t know why it was before, though it doesn’t matter if the problem is resolved. Thanks again.

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