Looking to repurpose existing 800-word articles

I’m looking for a solution to take existing published articles and have them rewritten so I can use them again for other purposes. Instead of giving the system a few sentences to fill out the rest of an article, I’d like to upload an article and have a new version/versions output. Thanks in advance for any help.


I’m interested as well: I work with academic papers and summarising such long form texts would be very handy for my projects.

Have you tried with splitting the text in chunks and summarising each one fo them?
You should end with a collection of summaries that you can group together and ask to summarise recursively.

But I’d like to hear from more expert users.

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I’ve got a similar issue. I believe “spinning” is the right terminology. I’d like to keep the same reading grade level (making summarize for grade 2 is not practical). Of course it would be great to specify from a list of variable reading levels - but that’s likely asking too much.

How large each is article in number of words, approximately?

Roughly about 800 - 1,000 words

this should be super easy to do. how many articles?

Dozens, potentially hundreds if it works well

yeah it will but it may cost a few bucks. email me a few samples at silvacarl@gmail.com i can do a test

Hello. I am a user of Wordai. I have been following what they do for many years. I think the quality is quiet good. Let me know

Elephas Mac app, based on GPT-3, has this feature. Check out my knowledge base,