Looking for work using OpenAI API

Hi everyone.
Using OpenAI API last year, I made many AI projects and that was really awesome. Now, I am looking for new opportunity to make wonderful project again.
These are my project links:

If anyone has an idea with it, just lemme know.
Thank you.

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Love the sites. Especially Maze Guru. It could just be me but it seems like the images on your first site aren’t loading (403s by Bubble io)

What’s your preferred stack?

My preferred stack is Next.js and MERN stack.
And I am available with Python+React.
Mostly, I use NodeJS, Python frameworks.
Which kind of project do you need?

Nothing. I also do full-stack work. Just curious and wanted to say your websites look sweet :+1:

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Thank you. Just lemme know if you need some helps in this side

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