Looking for high-level guidance/pointers/examples how train custom query language

We use a custom query language at work. I have found a lot of examples/docs how to translate natural language to SQL, but I am looking for guidance guidance is how to teach the model how to do “SQL” (well not SQL but a custom query language)

Any guidance/pointers would be greatly appreciated, like: ANTLR definition would help?

Thanks in advance

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Have you looked at the OpenAI cookbook? https://cookbook.openai.com/
Also check out DeepLearning.AI short courses. Short Courses | Learn Generative AI from DeepLearning.AI

I use to know ANTLR but found that DCGs are so much better.

I looked at the OpenAI cookbook but did not find anything relevant, if there is something (even vaguely related) that I have potentially missed I would be grateful you can point it out.