Looking for Feedback: Papr Memory Plugin - Bring Memories to Life with Image Generation

We just released a new update to Papr Memory, a ChatGPT plugin that allows you to save your conversation history to your personal memory.

In this new update, we auto-generate images for certain type of memories. To view the images you probably need to wait for 3-5 min and then ask ChatGPT to show you the image from the memory item it just saved.

Above is an example playing Fallout RPG on ChatGPT. After I select the year and the region I then ask ChatGPT to save it into Papr Memory. Waited few min then asked ChatGPT to show me the image from that memory item.

Since we identified that this is a memory item that can be enhanced with an image experience we auto-generate an image. This enhanced my experience playing this game, this game is a bit addictive if you guys haven’t tried it I highly recommend it!

Don’t forget to add a custom instruction to ask ChatGPT to save your conversation in chat to Papr Memory so it does it automatically. See details here Papr Memory

We are currently only autogenerating images for these memory categories below, let us know if there are other type of categories that you want us to auto-generate images for:

  • narrative_element: “Visualizing scenes, characters, or events from stories.”
  • rpg_action: “RPG game moves or interactions.”
  • object_description: “Descriptions of particular objects, places, or scenes.”
  • dream_or_fantasy: “Dreams or imaginative scenarios.”
  • art_idea: “Ideas for art projects, tattoos, room decorations, or clothing designs.”
  • historical_event: “Memories referencing historical or fictional events.”
  • biological_concept: “Biological organisms, anatomy, or phenomena.”
  • cultural_reference: “Cultural or mythological references.”
  • mood_or_emotion: “Abstract feelings or emotions.”
  • travel: “Memories related to travel experiences or places.”

Also please share any additional feedback on our plugin.


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Great question! No, we cant see your gmail password.

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