Looking for Answers: Why Ilya Sustkevar Did What He Did?

Hello everyone. In this busy digital world of 2023, have we lost track of the real issues? Stuck in the buzz around OpenAI, one person who barely gets talked about is Ilya Sustkevar.

Let’s stop and think; are we asking the right questions? What about ‘Why did they do what they did?’

Many of us remember Sustkevar from Lex Fridman’s podcast. Even with his strange ways, his smart thoughts left everyone impressed. Yes, he’s acting even more unusual recently, but managing a big system like he does can make anyone act a bit off, don’t you think?

As a group full of smart people, shouldn’t we try to understand why Sustkevar made the call he did? Yes, he’s part of a big team at OpenAI. That includes quiet experts like Wojciech Zaremba, Adam D’Angelo, Helen Toner, and Tasha McCauley, who all play their part.

Still, isn’t it important to get why Sustkevar, someone who knows the risk of getting rid of Sam Altman, still took that step? Most us might be over-thinkers who stay silent when we should act quickly. But should we let this stop us from seeking answers?

Let’s shift our talks to understand these brains that are taking our industry forward. Let’s listen to their reasons, their actions. and we might actively try to keep the conversation around proper topics because media in general format might have other incentives and goals at least in this forum we should be more focused on things that matter and don’t make conspiracy theories but to ask for actual answers.
Thoughts anyone?

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