Login stuck on verify phone step in all browsers

I’ve tried to log in on three different browsers using two different accounts but it’s always the same. It asks for login, then for birthday, and then the phone number, and when I input that it just loads forever and never does anything. It doesn’t even send me a text or anything either. does anyone know what’s going on? Thanks!




Hi Team. I’m also trying to sign up to OpenAI. I have the same problem as Thomas.

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same issue.
I try to set up account to use CHatGTP and it just gets stuck in a loop asking for my birthday and phone number over and over.

I’m having the same issue. Has there been any resolution for this problem?

Can you send a screenshot of the problem?

Try to do that process by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N by opening a new incognito window.
Do a network reset from start menu or try using mobile data instead of wifi. Let me know if it works.

I hit the reply button and it brought up a window saying “Create and account”. It didn’t include a request for the phone number this time, nor did it provide the user name I had chosen. It just used info from my email address, I clicked to go ahead and now I seem to have an account.