Login issue account deleted

Dear Support Team,
This morning I received an email saying that "you do not have an account because it has been deleted or deactivated…"I am using ChatGPT Plus just for personal use for research purposes.
I do believe that my account was blocked by mistake. Thank you.
My account: pappukumar2190@gmail.com
Many thank!

Dear ChatGPT user,

As the text in the box that you had to clear before you wrote this said, this is just a forum for application developers. It also said not to post personal information. I’ll try it again on you:

This forum is not for ChatGPT support,
… if you need help with your account, payment, etc, please visit https://help.openai.com

Please DO NOT SHARE personal information (email, credit card, etc) or account related details publicly.

Unfortunately, even if you contact support, they will be unlikely to reverse your account ban if it was based on submitted and flagged content or some other policy detection. Regardless if you have the AI write a nice appeal.

Sincerely, fellow user, (the only people you will find reading this forum.)