Login error in the webpage

Hello Everyone,

When I attempt to log into ChatGPT, I get a page with just text and the log-in button at the bottom of the page is dead (does not allow me to do anything). I have tried to use the ‘help’ chat option, but I’m getting the standard blah blah, although I have tried everything the (AI) or Rep suggested it’s still not working. I am using the paid version and this is becoming a little frustrating.

Any advice?

See attachment

Ok, this is what I recently discovered. This issue seems to be related to the network I am using. For example, when I disconnect from my work network and use my hot spot on my cell phone, I can connect to ChatGPT and the page renders correctly. As soon as I switch back to my work network the page no longer shows correctly.

So the question now, is how to I get my page to render correctly on my work network?

Any ideas?