Locked out of account while still being billed

Hi, firstly let me say I love ChatGPT and how it helps me but I have an issue with an account in which the email has been deleted, I was sure that I deactivated all my subscriptions before shutting it down but nevertheless it seems my ChatGPT subscription persisted.

No email existing anymore means no logging in, which means no ability to cancel the subscription and no ability to contact customer services. I’ve created this 2nd account to post this after realising I’m still being charged.

Could I email someone about this to have it rectified / refunded?

Thank you for advice in advance.

I’m experiencing the exact same problem. Does anyone have a solution? I’d rather avoid having to go through the trouble of contacting the bank to report fraud to get it cancelled.

I had to resolve a similar situation the other day and resorted to contacting support. They are the only ones who can cancel your subscription but you should be prepared to proof that it’s your account.

Good luck!

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Hi! How do you contact support if you can’t log in? I don’t see the option anywhere.

Go to help.openai.com and click on the button in the bottom corner to open up a chat window where you can communicate with OpenAI staff:

NOTE: I did this on an incognito window so you do not need to be logged in to contact support.

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