Localhost development removed?

Is it possible to set up a custom GPT with a localhost action?

We used to be able to do this with a plugin.

It was useful for development as well as for plugins that needed access to local content.

Was this ability intentionally removed?



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Got it, thank you.

Would be great if this could be restored, or alternatively, if you could explain the reasoning behind this decision.

Thanks anyway!

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You can expose your localhost to the outside world and then consume your localhost services from the GPT.

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This is just a round about way of saying you can use your local machine as a public server.

Indeed. He may have his specific services to run, and now he knows there’s a way for him to consume his “localhost” services, as it’s been exposed to the outside world.

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That is, exactly the opposite of “localhost.”

I agree, but he needs the services from his localhost for GPT access, right? Whether you name it localhost or peanuts, he’ll use his localhost services at the end of the day.

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I think you’ve grossly misunderstood the point of localhost development.

The main point is to do so in an environment which isn’t exposed to the Internet. That’s the “local” part of “localhost.”

It’s not about addressing your local machine, it’s about doing so without leaving your local network.

Without needing to have a domain, setting up networking, worrying about security, etc.

That’s EXACTLY the grossly missed point by OpenAI, when ignoring “localhost” development for GPTs. I completely agree with you. It should be way easier without the need of a domain, setting up networking, worrying about security, etc.

You nailed it!

It’s neither missed, nor ignored, they made a decision to not support it for their own reasons.

As I said, you nailed it! It turns out their call, but the guy above still can get his “localhost” services from the outside.