LitRPG Roguelike Powered by GPT-4 + DALLE2

Still very early days, but I’m making progress. GPT-4 helped me code the roguelike, but it’s also providing room descriptions (for now…) More to come, I think, but I wanted to share…

Happy to answer any questions on how I’m putting it together…


Give room contents to GPT → Give those results to DALLE2 → room details…


Some progress…

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Room text descriptions matching what the dungeon shows a bit better…

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Room descriptions matching the random room shapes a bit better…

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Room descriptions getting better…


Thinking of peppering in custom pre-fab rooms… maybe for super-special encounter or boss rooms? Stairs down rooms? I wonder if GPT4 could replicate the arrays and give me some interesting shapes via an array… hrm…I’ll share later if I test!

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It’s crude, but it appears to be working haha…


I love seeing your updates man. Good progress!

In your experience is the model truly understanding what each token represents in this 2D space? I spent an embarrassing amount of time playing around with this thought.

Have you tried asking it to “create” new symbols?
It’s all very exciting stuff.

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Thanks! I’ve just had it do two rooms. On the second it started oddly placing doors, so I came up with a rule. It’s almost like cellular automata almost? I wonder if I should mention that in a prompt… hrm…

It’s getting interesting. Asked for a “donut” room haha

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I wonder, maybe GPT could create this map, and then it could be run through a function to filter any rule-breaking placements.

What happens if you ask it to expand the room to 24x24

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Yeah, this is a good idea as I’m building out the dungeon anyway and have checks…

I will ask! It did two small rooms connected (kinda)…

Not what I had in mind, but not shabby? Hehe…

Nice! Now, can you do two small rooms connected by a door in a 12x9 space?

I wonder if a “door should have a wall to the right and left or top and bottom or left and top etc…” rule… hrm

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…What…What if you ask for it in 3D… :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Screw it! I’m asking for an 8D map of my brain! Hang-tight! :wink:

Haha. Seriously, though, I don’t think it’s ready to bake in yet, but I might keep playing. With a few examples built-up with past prompts, it should get better… but expensive!

These could be easily turned into basic 3d maps, though, as they’re just tiles with objects in them… not a pretty 3d map…I love the WFC (wave function collapse) stuff in 3d like Townscaper…

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I mean, I guess it’s a “shop” haha…

AI: This L-shaped “shop” room has a defined entrance and counter area for player interactions. The shop area is on the left side of the L-shape, while the right side of the L-shape has a storage area with more space for various items.

Pillars and obstacles in some rooms now…

The only light comes from the flickering candles that sit atop the pillars that line the room, casting long shadows on the walls.

As you step into this massive, circular room, you’re struck by the overwhelming feeling of tranquility. The walls are made of polished, intricately carved wood, and the floor is covered with a plush red carpet.

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Why stop there!
Might aswell ask it to add some sound and smell as well! :joy:

I am truly filled with excitement considering the possibilities of gaming with LLMs.

I wonder, what if you were to feed that description (For example: [As you step into this massive…] back into the map generator? I recall once upon a time playing with Dall-E and Davinci together to generate incredible photos that relate to the text. Was a lot of fun and turned out really well.

Haha thanks! I’ve got a plan to chop-up the text description and use it for the image generation… I just haven’t implemented yet. I’ve also looked at ElevenLabs API to get text 2 speech going… I need to worry about feature-creep, though, so I’m trying to not go too crazy, so I can get something out the door.

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