"Listen" isn't reading all the outputted text

I’ve found the ‘Listen’ function on iPhone (tap-holding on the outputted text and selecting Listen) isn’t reading out all of the text. On both Wi-Fi and 4G, it won’t work.

2 major bugs I’ve found:

  1. ‘Continued’ responses (responses over the character limit) won’t read all of the previous text. I have had it ‘continue response’ 2 times in one response, and it will only read the last generated lot of text. This happens on a single continues response too, not just a double.

  2. Sometimes when reading the text back, it will suddenly stop and start from the start. I would then need to scrub forward by tapping on the +15-second button to get back to where it was previously. There is no pattern to when it occurs–I have had this happen after 10 second, and also after a minute of reading back text.

Phone: iPhone 11, iOS 17.4.
App: 1.2024.037 (19790)
Subscription: ChatGPT Plus.