Link ChatGPT usage to API billing to remove context and messages limiation

Request to Enable Usage-Based Billing for ChatGPT

As a regular user of ChatGPT, I often reach the current limits on the number of messages and context length during my conversations. This results in being cut off mid-session.

I would like to request allowing users to link their ChatGPT account to an API key to enable per-API call billing.


  • Allows power users to continue sessions beyond arbitrary message and token limits
  • Opens a new revenue stream by charging per API call for users like myself
  • I estimate I would likely use 15,000 tokens per hour on average. At $0.02 per 1,000 tokens, this would equal $64 in revenue per month just from me

Addressing Potential Issues

  • Engineering work is required to build per-API billing capabilities and integrate with existing account systems
  • There needs to be monitoring for abuse of uncapped usage
  • Start with a pilot program first to limit risks before expanding

In Summary

Please strongly consider allowing usage-based billing via API keys. This not only allows uninterrupted access for dedicated users but also unlocks a new profitable segment for ChatGPT without any incremental marketing costs.

I’m happy to provide any additional details or answer any other questions about my needs as a power user. Thank you for reviewing my feature request.