Limit API calls for pricing

I do not understand the pricing for the API. Is it possible to load a fixed money to the account, so that the API calls stop when the money is empty?

I want to call the API about one Million times to get a korpus of ChatGPT written sentences. And I do not want to get surprised by a horror bill.

If you create a new account you can use the prepay option where you top up your account with money and then that is all that will be used, that would seem to fit what you need.

I just set a limit of 5 USD so I won’t ever pay more than that a month.

May I ask what you’re working on more specifically? I have generated large amounts of generic GPT text for a project recently.

I want to analyze the grammar of ChatGPT written sentences. But I do that in German, because I have a rule-based parser for the German language. So I guess your generic GPT text is in English?