Lim_t->2025{"GPT 5" + Q* + Sora + "Internet in real time"} = AGI

Lim_t->2025{“GPT 5” + Q* + Sora + “Internet in real time”} = AGI
Average parameter growth in GPT models is of the order 1000% per 18 months. If the parameters - which somehow correspond to human brain synapses - in GPT 5 are on the order of 20 trillion parameters, and if indeed Q* makes GPT 5 capable of understanding 1000% more abstract concepts and inspired with more innovative ideas compared to its predecessor GPT 4 then I think it will be able to solve Maths Olympiad level exercises for teenagers as well as University level problems in differential geometry and therefore General Relativity and Quantum physics, while being able to make logical decisions in legal and medical problems on a par with experienced lawyers and doctors respectively, but also of competent politicians etc. Because I am convinced (from experimentation) that the combination of Mathematics - Language - Image - Sound in a SINGLE database of data processing and algorithms will push machine intelligence to its heights professional ability. Therefore such ChatGPT 5 will be a good experimental tool to weigh the benefits and risks in the near future of 5 years with possible entry of quantum computers. Now we cannot yet make predictions about this duality inherent in the philosophy of human action and technology, but only vague guesses. The problem of security and the increase of utility will be solved in my opinion by the cooperation of man and AI and not exclusively only by man. This a mathematical problem of Norbert Wiener’s cybernetics science (see at Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine, 1948 and 1961). What I confirmed out is that ChatGPT 5 is at least 400% better than its predecessor ChatGPT 4 in solving math problems (intermediate and higher education). However there are still significant weaknesses that separate it from Mathematical Ingenuity of professional Mathematicians. The key is abstract mathematical thinking, intuition and compact control of the results in the steps of the evolution of the solution along with the simple and fast language of literature and poetry. I believe that may be this is how we can definitively solve the problems of health, of literacy, poverty, the correct exploitation of available resources, as well as the major issue of the environment and climate change.

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