Lightweight hierarchies with minimal tokens

Ever want to tell GPT about a hierarchy without burning words repeating "And this group is under that group, and this group is under that group, and this one ... " on and on forever?

I'll provide the prompt you need to append to the end of your document (it can be separate from your main prompt) and an example of a document I formatted using this method which can be used to make graphs via plugins and be used to query GPT about things that require it to know about hierarchies.

This is useful for more than just organization tables. In my case I used it to make the organization of a fictional military unit easily machine readable without compromising the human experience.


-: The - symbol denotes order in the hierarchy. The less - a group has, the higher it is in the chain of command. A unit with zero - indicates the highest level of field-command of a given organizational branch.


Now, here's a somewhat long example of a document formatted using this method and using a modified version of the footer prompt! GPT can interact with it quite handily and you can see I wasted very few words in the process!

2nd Garrison Army
-42nd Provincial Security Corps
-- 213th Garrison Division 'Guns of Elysium'
--214th Expeditionary Infantry Division
---4303rd Military Advisory Battalion (1stSgt Zewedu Ghidewon)
--215th Garrison Division

3rd Garrison Army
-71st Provincial Security Corps
--411th Mechanized Adjudicator Division 'Dredd'
--412th Military Police Division
--413th Military Police Division 'Black cats'

4th Shock Army
-35th Revolutionary Guard Corps
--73rd Guards Infantry Division
---1730th Mechanized Rifle Battalion
---- 8650th Assault Engineering Company (2nd Lt. Duncan Price)
------ 43250th Canine Assault Unit
--174th Guards Infantry Division 'Shadows of Ruination'
8th Shock Army
- 75th Assault Corps
-- 347th Mechanized Rifle Division
--- 3817th Support Battalion
---- 19082nd Psychotechnic Vanguard Company 'Retro Raiders'
---- 19085th Psychotechnic Vanguard Company 'Skull and Snake'
- 73rd Revolutionary Guard Corps
-- 352nd Guards Infantry Division
14th Expeditionary Support Army
-135th Support Corps
--668th Support Division
--- 7103rd Air Defense Battalion
---7104th Heavy Weapons Battalion
1st Special Executive Airforce
-5th Special Operations Wing
--18th Electronic Warfare Group
---93rd 'Diamond' SIPS Squadron (ISR, ELINT, AWACS)
---95th 'Oracle' SIPS Squadron
---118th 'Minerva' SIPS Squadron
--19th Ground Effect Group
----120th 'Thunderstorm' FSM Squadron (Air Interdiction, Close Air Support)
1st Astro-Naval Theater Element 'Hammer of Liberation'
4th Astro-Naval Theater Element
-17th Fleet
--43rd Rapid Response Squadron
1st Naval Theater Element
-4th Submarine Squadron
--7th Underwater Strategic Artillery Division

-: The - symbol denotes chain of command. The less - a unit has, the higher it is in the chain of command. A unit with zero - indicates the highest level of field-command of a given military branch. There are higher authorities, but they are based on Terra rather than in the field.