Let's make plugin great again! The Critical Role of Plugins in Enhancing User Experience and Creativity

Hello community, I strongly believe that the plugin system is extremely important and should not be marginalized as it currently seems to be (I’ve received notifications that several plugins I use are unavailable, almost forcing me to switch to using GPTs).

I would like to illustrate my point with my user case.

While reading academic papers, which often contain numerous formulas and descriptions of experiments, I used to rely on three plugins: a PDF reader, Wolfram, and DrawMe. Their roles were as follows:

  • The PDF reader helped me look up / retrieve information in papers.
  • Wolfram allowed GPT to explain formulas to me (with info from pdf and conversation).
  • DrawMe enabled GPT to visualize the experimental processes for me (with info from pdf, Wolfram and conversation).

I want to point out that the use of these three plugins(abilities/agents) was interwoven: one question led to another, and each query or requirement might involve any of these plugins. Therefore, it’s not feasible to easily decouple them.

This is just one simple example, but I believe it illustrates the creative nature of users. It’s somewhat akin to a video game, isn’t it? While various reasons might limit us to using only three plugins at a time, this is similar to some games that allow you to choose your equipment for a task/mission/boss/dungeon. The way plugins are assembled should entirely depend on the user, right?

Please consider bringing back the plugin system! The possibilities of mixing and matching plugins can introduce a new ecosystem and add complexity!