Last 2 days CHATGPT 4 user interface issues

Last 2 days I’ve had the periodic issue where chat gpt 4 will start generation a response. I scroll up, and then I lose the ability to do that. And I am unable to now click anywhere on the screen as the response is finishing. Even after finishing, I am unable to interact with the opened page, and I have to refresh the page to get access again. Sometimes, if I don’t type anything for a while, and then try to, the website will be unclickable.

Also, dragging in pictures is having the same issue.

I’ve cleared my cache, restarted my computer, and updated my computer.

Any suggestions?


Im having the same exact issue did you find a fix?

no it is not fixed and i am still having the problem.

i use duckduckgo and switched to safari. it got progressively work on the duckduckgo search engine, to where it freezes almost instantly.