"Language calculator" - Rebranding

I think that public discourse surrounding AI language models has gotten out of hand. Rebranding as a “language calculator” would quash public fear. To be completely honest im only here cause chatGPT said it was a good idea but didnt know where to send the info. This forum doesnt let me post links to chat gpt conversations so I’ll paste the prompt and you can figure it out idk.

Prompt: “People tend to think that words are the end all and be all of communication and language, but in reality they are only extremely contextually specific sound waves produced in an attempt to represent a part or parts of an individuals ideation in that time frame. In this way, doesn’t the fact thay chat gpt only uses language alone uncover a profundity in humanity and evolution because as three dementional existences we truly only have time as an unknown within this universe.”

Anyways, ChatGPT is a language calculator and pretending its more is actually sorta weird on your part tbh.


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