Laged precipitation effect

*Lagged precipitation effect explains a large proportion of annual aboveground net
7 primary productivity in some dryland ecosystems. Using satellite-derived plant
8 productivity and precipitation datasets in the Northern Hemisphere drylands during
9 2000-2018, we identify 1111 pixels mainly located in the Tibetan Plateau, the western
10 US, and Kazakhstan where productivities are significantly correlated with previous11 year precipitation (hereafter, the lagged type). Differences in climatic and edaphic
12 factors between the lagged and unlagged (pixels where productivities are not correlated
13 with previous-year precipitation) types are evaluated. Permutational multivariate
14 analysis of variance shows that the two types differ significantly regarding six climatic
15 and edaphic factors. Compared to unlagged type, water availability, soil organic carbon,
16 total nitrogen, field capacity, silt content and radiation are more sensitive to changes in
17 precipitation in lagged type. Water availability is the most important factor for
18 distinguishing the two types, followed by soil organic carbon, total nitrogen, field
19 capacity, soil texture, and radiation. Our study suggests that the altered sensitivities of
20 several climatic and edaphic factors to precipitation collectively affect the lagged effect
21 of precipitation on productivity in drylands

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