Key in my environmental variables that I didn't put there?

This may be something I did but don’t see how. There were 2 of the same OpenAI key in my environmental variables this morning that I don’t remember putting there. I checked it with postman and it’s not valid and I only had 1 active key in my account and it was still valid and I must have been using it yesterday since its the only valid one and the valid one wasn’t in my environmental variables at all just the key I don’t remember adding. The mystery key was in the both user and system variables twice. One had the standard name but the other was “setx OPENAI_API_KEY”, meaning the command got pasted in there with the name which I wouldn’t have done and I don’t think I have used “setx”. I checked my keys and there was no unauthorized usage but there wouldn’t be anyway since this key either didn’t come from my account or I deleted it a while back. I am at a loss. The only thing I can think of is if some sort of system update rolled back the keys or I slept walked last night and got on the laptop (kidding). And I don’t see a scenario where someone would hack me to do that and then use their own key. Weird.