Just an interesting output

Category says “Share interesting API outputs with fellow developers”

I wrote this:

The incarnated falsehood gloats among those surprised during the feast of certainty. He searches and collects among the debris, rejoicing with typical malice at the misfortune that heralds revenge. Stealthy, private, but eloquent as the venom of a bee.

Replied this:

The naked and uncovered truth lives in the consciousness and in the mind. More beautiful than joy, it makes the mind stronger than fear. It is the only one that has its own glory without fear of death. It is the bravest.


Feels like Nietzsche looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection of… Osho.

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Yeah. It was just one shot. I saved the chat.

Right away I just wanted a function to let me know the sources. Or continue (and totally believe (temperature=0?) a conversation like “Ok, but tell me now, how did you come up with that! who is your influence?” :sweat_smile: