Julia (vs Python). Julia need API URL for specifying GPT-4

Any Julia users out there? I’m trying to find the OpenAI URL for accessing the current GPT-4 model via URL because that is what Julia uses. The deprecated version is provided by ChatGPT (below); ChatGPT does not know the new one yet (GPT-4). I need to learn the new URL for my Julia program. Please let me know. Thx.

API URL for the OpenAI GPT; (replace with the correct model endpoint)
api_url provided ChatGPT is api.openai. com /v1/engines/davinci-codex/completions

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Hey mate, and welcome to the community forum!

You’ll find the full api spec’s and all the URLs here:


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Hey! Fellow Julia user here, check out GitHub - JuliaML/OpenAI.jl: OpenAI API wrapper for Julia, you should not need the URL for the model, the “Model” param should simply take in the name of the model like our API does.