JSON property has_more isn't explained in the API documentation

Can anyone explain what the has_more property on particular JSON objects returned by the API actually do?
The property is used in the example response 37 times (4 x true and 33 x false), the first time at fine tuning, but never explained.

It is pretty easy to infer the meaning, and then to elicit either boolean return.

It is returned with list enpoints that can be paginated, with a number of returns and a starting point specified.

That will allow you to get 20 results, and then see that if there are 20 returned, then check that value to see if there are exactly 20 to be listed, or if there are more beyond the range requested in the next “page”. That can keep you from making an extra request that has zero results if you are listing and listing until you get the entire list (for example, listing out 1000 vector store files 100 at a time).

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Ah you are right, this property is used in responses to queries where the query has limit/order and before/after paging parameters to indicate not all results have been returned.

We were investigating a case where we ask an assistant to generate the actors required to play out each of 8 different scenarios. The assistant adds only a single message to the thread that includes (markdown) tables for each of the actors required to play out only the first 3 scenarios and completely ignores the last 5. I will open a new ticket for this if we can properly reproduce.

Thank you for your help

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