Japanese Character fantasy land

HI, Im glad if you will tell me where to go. Lol
I am a 3rd year, Japanese language learner.(roughly 1200 vocabulary words, at level17 of 60 levels) I’m working on learning the 2300 Chinese characters by creating an imaginary island of interesting and interacting characters. I came to the API page first.But, I am posting my appeal in thee ChatBox first for help.
So, “help” seems to be of two kinds. A.help naming, and describing the “personalities” of the key Chinese characters and making them independent of my imagination.
BCreating new nemonic stories to remember the 2 or more readings, and 2 or more meanings for one Chinese character and phrase. #2 is for me much more practical in the short term, as it seems to advance my mastery of Japanese. However, I have some definite problems with unsatisfactory nemonics. And even I feel I am at a dead end in creating nemonics for some subtle differences in Japanese and English. This feeling of being in a state of “knowing that I don’t know” is discouraging to my concentration and progress.

Actually I became so depressed a few years ago that I switched to learning Russian. I went to Russia 4 times during my short vacations over two years. However, Russian is not as easy to get help from where I am. I am an English teacher in Japan. So I encountered problems because public Russian civil servants, are not servants of American tourists, unless you flash the cash everytime.

So, what are your recommendations for #1 and #2.? While I am waiting for someone to answer I will try to go back into “KanjiLand”