I've gotten 12 captchas today within 10 hours, sometimes one right after the other

What on earth is going on? I’m spending more time solving incredibly hard captchas than writing promtps. Is anyone else getting this? It’s driving me nuts.

OpenAI implements captchas in ChatGPT to help minimize bot activity and spam which verify you are a human by presenting game-like puzzles.

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While I have never experienced this problem here are some options

  • Disable VPN while using ChatGPT or at least disable ChatGPT access via VPN.
  • Change browser to one not based on the same engine as Chrome, for example if you use Chrome try using FireFox or IPhone. (ref)
  • Check ad blocker settings.
  • Check your threatLevel at https://db-ip.com/
  • If MFA is enabled again, try enabling it. (ref)
  • Try renewing your IP address to get a different IP address.
  • Clear browser cookies.