I've been experiencing my own mistakes coming back as code from GPT

This has happened multiple times now and there’s no connection between each piece of code. They have all been different projects doing different things.

Since then I’ve had it a few times and just now had it again. GPT is injecting a bad copy/paste into it’s output. I accidentally copy/pasted:

# The message was cut-off. I'll continue adding comments from where we left off.

Into a msg awhile back and now it shows up randomly in full output from ChatGPT. The screenshot below is from code just sent to me from ChatGPT and this was in the full output. There was no cut off, it had no issues. The tilde’s were from me thinking I was in a different window trying to enable the terminal in vscode.

Like, how do I get rid of this. It was funny at first but now it’s stuck with me and very annoying.