It generates Jsfiddle or codepen links but all of them are 404

So, I was able to get some good code example for my needs and I tried to say something like ‘create a new jsfiddle with the latest example’. It answers with a link but that link is 404 and all attempts are the same.

Is that a known limitation? at least it shouldn’t try to answer it then…

Hi @alfatek

When you ask these language models to generate code, “it” (as you posted) will simply start generating text based on probability and data in the model and if the code requires a link, the model will just generate a link because that is what “it” is trained to do.

I think it is hard for people to understand LLMs and generative AI in general.

When it generates code for you, it’s like a kind of “sketch” and often the generated code is very good and requires little modification, but more often the code is more of a “draft” or “sketch” and it requires you, the coder, to understand this point.