It cannot perform basic cross product

I have asked it to compute the cross product of (3,4,2) and (4,-3,7), and it keeps returning an incorrect value.

yeah, noticed same. it is able to translate the formula accurately for the cross product of vectors. however the resultant is erroneous. and I am not able to figure its logic as the error distance is different for different vectors

Don’t use GPT completion (or edits) for Math

More often than not, it makes things up because it is simply predicting which number should come next based on “language” processing rules and not using any “mathematical” knowledge


I agree with @raymonddavey here. GPT-3 models aren’t generally great at math as that’s not what they were designed to do as a large language model.

Here’s a link you might find interesting…

Notes on Teaching GPT-3 Adding Numbers

by Ekin AkyĂĽrek and Afra Feyza AkyĂĽrek

June 6, 2022 (edited on June 14, 2022)

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missed this point, thanks