Issues with retrieving information from a data table, that was created former in the chat

Hello Community!

I have been experiencing some issues with the language model today. The main problem is that it often fails to create tables correctly or retrieve data from them. This has caused some confusion and frustration during our conversations.

In addition, the model seems to have some limitations in terms of memory and the ability to recall information from earlier in the chat. For instance, it was unable to access the tables we created earlier today.

I tried to use the AI to help me with household planning. I asked it to create a table of our most frequent dishes and their required ingredients, which it did successfully. However, when I asked the AI to suggest recipes and generate a shopping list based on the ingredients, it failed to deliver relevant results and instead proposed arbitrary recipes. I am reaching out for help to address this issue.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions on how to address these issues. Thank you in advance for your assistance. =)