Issues with GPT Builder: can't save, not including in-line references, not referencing all provided files

  1. I have not been able to save (ie publish) one of the GPT’s I made, as I keep getting an error saying “Error saving GPT”. I have deleted several of the source files, as I thought it was related to having uploaded files that were too large, but it still will not save.

2) Is there any way to get the output from Assistants or GPTs to include in-line citations? I am hoping to use them to synthesize and extract information from textbooks, but would like in-line citations to see where the information is coming from, including where the textbooks got their information from (ie, getting the primary sources, not just citing the textbooks). Has anyone found a way to make this work?

3) Does anyone know if the GPTs/Assistants are actually referencing all of the relevant information in all of the provided files? Is there a way to test/confirm this? I get the sense it just references one or two of the files until it has some sort of answer to provide and then outputs that, but I want to make sure it collects all relevant information from all relevant sources (textbooks) when responding to inquiries.


Same here. I keep saving and it says the GPT is updated, but the top of the screen continues to say “Unsaved Changes”.

yup, I’m getting that one too… I find that Assistants now works a lot better, but GPT’s are really not able to do much because of these issues. I think they’re probably just allocating more compute to the paid service (API/Assistants) rather than the more widely-available and utilized ChatGPT/GPTs.

Same here; getting “error saving gpt”. It is working if I publish just to myself, but I say “people with a link” or “public” then I get this same error.

Did you figure out? I am also looking for an answer here.