Issue with Text-to-Speech Functionality in ChatGPT4 & 4o

Previously, I was able to listen to responses from ChatGPT4 by clicking on the sound icon next to the responses. This feature was working fine until recently. Now, when I click the sound icon to hear the response as audio, it does not work, and no sound is played.

Could you please assist me in resolving this issue? Any guidance or troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated.


It seems like a global issue…


Does anyone know if it will be corrected, and if so, how?

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Same issue here. i think it has to do with the general update.

Same here, I was using it as a good way to listen to responses whilst doing other things but it seems to have completely stopped seems to be on all three versions.

The problem occurred today after an app update. And yet everything works on my second account, which is free, but it doesn’t work on the paid version.

same here with Windows. What happened? Who solves this problem?