Issue with Image Generation in DALL-E Tool


I would like to report an issue with the DALL-E image generation tool. Despite several attempts, the system failed to generate any images, displaying an error message.

Date and Time of Issue: [insert date and time]

Issue Description: I encountered continuous errors while using the DALL-E tool to generate images. The system was unable to produce any images, although OpenAI system statuses indicate full operationality.

Attempts to Resolve the Issue:

  • Re-initiating requests to the DALL-E tool.
  • Checking the status of OpenAI systems.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Are there known solutions to this problem, or is it a local issue that I should report directly to OpenAI’s technical support?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Am I allowed to tag on here that I am now having this same problem (12/3/23). I found this thread by asking ChatGPT why it was having this issue, and it scoured this site and found this bug report. Thank you for getting back to us