Issue with Exported DALL-E Images Not Visible After Switching from ChatGPT Plus to Teams Plan


I recently transitioned from the ChatGPT Plus plan to the Teams Plan and have encountered a significant issue that I hope to find some guidance on. Before the switch, I had used the DALL-E feature extensively to generate images. However, after moving to the Teams Plan, these previously generated images are no longer visible in my chats.

My primary concern is whether these images are lost permanently or if there’s a way to retrieve them. It’s important for me to access these images for my ongoing projects. I’m wondering if anyone else has faced a similar situation after transitioning between plans.

Any insights, advice, or shared experiences regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated. I’m hoping to understand whether this is a common problem and if there are any recommended steps to recover these images.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

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This is the answer I get when I ask why it can´t generate any images: "The technical issue appears to be with the image generation tool I was trying to use to create the icon. It’s encountering an unrecognized function error, which means it’s unable to process the request to generate the image based on the provided description. This could be due to a temporary malfunction or a limitation within the tool’s capabilities.

Unfortunately, I can’t resolve this issue directly, but I can still assist you with the icon design in other ways, such as providing detailed design guidelines or alternative methods to create the icon. If you have access to graphic design software or online platforms for image creation, I can guide you through the process of creating the icon based on the concept we discussed. Let me know how you would like to proceed!"