Issue with Chat GPT Plus Upgrade - Multiple Charges and Account Not Upgraded

Dear OpenAI Support Team,
I am writing to you regarding a recent issue I encountered while attempting to upgrade my account to Chat GPT Plus. I was charged four times and my account was not upgraded to Chat GPT Plus. Despite my attempts to contact your team through both email and chat, I have not received any response even after two weeks.
As a customer of OpenAI, I am extremely disappointed with the lack of response and attention given to my situation. I would appreciate it if you could investigate this issue as soon as possible and provide me with a solution.
I kindly request that you immediately refund the three additional charges to my account, as I only intended to make one payment for the upgrade or enable a 4-month plus subscription for me. In case of a refund of the three extra payments, please upgrade my account to Chat GPT Plus as soon as possible. I have already paid for this service, and I expect to have access to it.
I hope to receive a prompt response from your team and a swift resolution to this issue. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Best regards.


This is a known issue, openai team working on it to fix it.

Read this article for more info: Why is my Plus subscription not appearing? | OpenAI Help Center

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Hello, I appreciate your acknowledgment of the known issue with the multiple charges and account upgrades for Chat GPT Plus. However, it has been two weeks since I first contacted your team, and there has been no resolution or response from your end, neither through chat nor email.
I expect a higher level of customer support from a company of your stature. It is disappointing to be charged multiple times and not receive the upgraded service as promised. I would appreciate an update on when this issue will be resolved, as the delay has been prolonged and unacceptable.


At this point i am sure that will not continue using their platform. This custom services is a joke.
If you cant handle millions of users and provide a minimal of support, you shouldnt had accept them.
Simple as that.


I have the same problem. they said contact support team via help button. but it’s like talking to a wall. no reply whatsoever even after 2 weeks.

Yep! I am a victim of this scam called Chatgpt+ upgrade. I can’t wait to get my money back,get access to the plus version and UNSUBSCRIBE. They don’t deserve to have paid users… Or maybe this company is filled with incompetent millenials,because they know tech,but don’t know anything about money🤷🏼 Yes,I am angry,I have every right to be😡

They said it is a known issue, but they didn’t fix it or even reply to us via the help button. I already asked the bank to refund the payment since there is nothing they do to fix the issue so far. So sad.

@logankilpatrick Help make our voices heard

We have proactively refunded the accounts where we saw a double charge and emailed many folks already about this. If you are still having issues and don’t see an email / refund, please ping the support team via, this issue is a top priority so they are working as quickly as possible to resolve these queries.

Thanks for being patient and sorry for the hassle!