Issue with Chat GPT Plus Upgrade - Multiple Charges and Account Not Upgraded

Dear OpenAI Support Team,
I am writing to you in regard to a recent issue I encountered while attempting to upgrade my account to Chat GPT Plus. I was charged four times and my account was not upgraded to Chat GPT Plus. Despite my attempts to contact your team through both email and chat, I have not received any response even after two weeks.
As a customer of OpenAI, I am extremely disappointed with the lack of response and attention given to my situation. I feel like I am dealing with a scammer and not with a company as big as OpenAI. I would appreciate it if you could investigate this issue as soon as possible and provide me with a resolution.
I kindly request that you immediately refund the three additional charges to my account, as I only intended to make one payment for the upgrade or enable a 4-month Plus subscription for my account. Additionally, please upgrade my account to Chat GPT Plus as soon as possible. I have already paid for this service, and I expect to have access to it.
I hope to receive a prompt response from your team and a swift resolution to this issue. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Junaid Swati.