Issue with Blocking OVH IP Addresses for ChatGPT's Voice Feature


I want to bring to your attention an issue affecting users of ChatGPT, specifically those using the voice conversation feature when connecting via OVH IP addresses. As one of the largest server hosting providers in Europe, many businesses, including mine, rely on OVH servers for their infrastructure, including VPNs.

Currently, when I connect to ChatGPT through my VPN, which routes through an OVH IP address, the voice conversation feature does not work. However, the text chat works perfectly. This situation is problematic because many businesses need to use ChatGPT for professional purposes and must keep their VPNs active for security reasons.

I suspect this blockage may be a security measure to prevent abuses such as spam. However, this measure negatively impacts many legitimate users. To address this issue, I propose integrating a CAPTCHA, like the one from Cloudflare, which simply requires checking a box to verify that the user is human. This would maintain security while providing a practical solution for users behind OVH IP addresses.

It is crucial that the services provided by OpenAI, including all features of ChatGPT, are accessible without issues from OVH IP addresses or any other major hosting providers. Implementing a simple CAPTCHA verification could be an effective and quick solution to resolve this problem.